Which Hobby At What Age?

Hobbies can vary depending on age and personal preferences. Since each age group has different interests and abilities, we can offer some suggestions as to which hobby is suitable for which age group.

Hobbies for children:

Children especially have a natural tendency to play, explore and learn. Therefore, the most suitable hobbies for children are those that encourage their creativity and willingness to explore using their imagination. Some examples are:

  • Painting and drawing
  • jigsaw puzzle
  • playing with legos
  • planting in the garden
  • learning to play an instrument
  • Making crafts (e.g. knitting, sewing, model making)

Hobbies for teenagers:

Young people differ in their hobbies, interests and abilities. During this period, hobbies can be suggested that help young people discover their own personalities and abilities and allow them to establish social bonds. Some examples are:

  • Playing sports (for example, football, basketball, volleyball)
  • photography
  • playing a musical instrument or singing
  • Reading and writing books
  • playing video games
  • designing clothes

Hobbies for adults:

Hobbies for adults can be different to reduce stress in business life, maintain mental health and have a pleasant time. Also, as people in this age group often want to improve themselves and learn new skills, their hobbies should also contribute to their personal development. Some examples are:

  • gardening
  • Cooking and trying new dishes
  • Doing yoga and meditation
  • Learn language
  • Hiking or taking part in nature excursions
  • Taking and editing photos
  • Making art (for example, painting, ceramics, sculpture)

Hobbies for the elderly:

Hobbies for seniors should help maintain their mental and physical health. Also, as people in this age group often want to maintain social ties and make new friends, their hobbies can be social and activities to do together. Some examples are:

  • gardening
  • Cooking and trying new dishes
  • Reading and writing books
  • designing clothes
  • Doing yoga and meditation
  • Making art (for example, painting, ceramics, sculpture)
  • Listening to music and going to concerts
  • Watching and supporting team sports

Hobbies help people discover themselves, learn new things and improve themselves. Which hobby is suitable for which age group should be determined by considering personal preferences and abilities. Hobbies add meaning to people’s lives and allow them to have a pleasant time.

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