A Friendship Story

The HobbyPeer app is a platform that brings people together on topics of common interest.

In this article, we present the story of two friends who met each other thanks to the application.

Emre has been interested in photography as a hobby for a long time. One day HobbyPeer Discovered the app and signed up right away. He shared his information and posts about his photography on his profile. He attended one of the events suggested by the app and hoped to share his experiences with photography.

On the other hand, a young woman named Ceren was also involved in the same practice. Ceren has been fond of painting for a long time and wanted to further develop this hobby. She saw Emre’s photos on hobbypeer and left a comment on her profile by liking it. She texted Emre to talk about his interest in photography.

Emre got excited when he saw Ceren’s message and replied immediately. The two of them started talking about the hobbies they shared. They inspired each other by sharing their experiences in photography and painting. Their conversations deepened and they got to know each other better.

Over time, Emre and Ceren not only shared hobbies, but also discovered common values ​​and interests. Their conversations became more and more intimate, and they often realized that they wanted to spend time together.

The HobbyPeer app provided an opportunity for the duo to meet at a joint event. A photography exhibition was being held and Emre invited Ceren to the event. They eagerly awaited the meeting and went to the exhibition together. Throughout the exhibition, they viewed photographs and paintings, shared their thoughts on art, and had a good day together.

Emre and Ceren deepened their friendship, which started thanks to the HobbyPeer application. They became a couple that inspired and supported each other and enjoyed sharing their posts together. Thanks to their hobbies, they opened new doors to each other’s world and walked together.

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