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From music to art, entertainment to sports, outdoor activities to food and drink, find hobbies and events in many fields, participate and create your own event!


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Identify the area of hobby you want to pursue, 10 steps to create events fast and easy! Publicize your event to thousands of users.

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Hobby Peer allows you to find events based on the hobbies you are interested in, create events that you can organize online or physically, and invite users who are your “Peers” to the events you create. Hobby Peer also allows you to interact with users with whom you have common interests by sharing posts, commenting and sending likes on special pages for the events created!

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Thousands of users with similar hobbies who want to get together and organize special events are waiting for you to become a Peer. Become a member, identify your hobbies, invite users with similar hobbies to the event!

Who Should Use?

With Hobby Peer, the new platform of socialization, it is now much easier to meet people with the same interests and get together!

The Easiest Way to Track Events Related to Your Hobbies

Hobby Peer, which offers users a more enjoyable hobby experience on the mobile platform, can be downloaded for free from the App Store or Google Play.


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